Getting Here



Old Stone is located on Public Square in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Follow the signs on major highways to Public Square. We are on the northwest quadrant of the Square at the intersection of Rockwell and Ontario streets. When the front Sanctuary doors are closed, visitors may enter through Old Stone Center at the Ontario Street entrance.

Parking Information

Old Stone Church has partnered with the 55 Public Square Parking Garage to offer parking for our Sunday Services. The parking garage entrance is located on West 3rd street between Rockwell and St. Clair Avenue on the East side of the street.
1. Enter the garage and get a ticket.
2. Park your vehicle and make your way down to the first floor.
3. Meet the Old Stone Church Shuttle at the garage entrance to be shuttled to Church.
1. You’ll meet the Old Stone Church Shuttle on Ontario Street in which you will be shuttled to the parking garage.
2. You’ll go to your car and drive to the first floor where you’ll meet Steve Kish (OSC Employee), he will take your ticket and make payment.


Free parking is available Sunday mornings at the Public Square Garage simply pull in the entrance, park, and attend service. On your return, our staff will validate your parking receipt.  OSC also offers free valet parking each Sunday from the 55 Public Square Parking Garage to the Ontario Street entrance starting at 8:45am. No additional gratuity is expected. The attendants will be on duty until after all church programs for the day have concluded.


Ohio Concealed Handgun Law

Carrying a concealed handgun is a privilege in Ohio, and with this privilege comes a responsibility to be aware, not only of the common sense rules of safe firearm handling, but the laws that affect how, when and where you can carry your firearm. The law sets forth several places where the license does not allow you to carry a handgun. The law, R.C.2923.126(B), lists places that concealed handguns are prohibited, including places of worship, daycare centers and school premises. While the Old Stone Church Sanctuary is easily recognized as a place of worship, some visitors may not be aware that Old Stone Church’s parish house, the Old Stone Center, is home to the Old Stone Education Center and Daycare Center. Revised Code 2925.01(P) establishes that it is an offense to carry a concealed handgun within 1,000 feet of a school facility. You may obtain more information on the Concealed Carry law from the office of the Ohio Attorney General.