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Old Stone Church's 200 Homes Initiative: A Collaboration 200 + Years in the Making

"Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a weary land." Isaiah 32:2

During the winter of 2018, a committee was established at Old Stone Church to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of our congregation. 

Bicentennial logos were created, and stationary was printed, but the most ambitious idea was to rehabilitate and construct 200 homes in Cleveland and to provide those homes to families in need of permanent housing. 

To do so, Old Stone Church's Mission & Urban Wellness Committee (MUW) set out to partner effectively with a social service organization to help provide guidance in terms of construction and renovation services. It was around this time that MUW settled on a budget outline for the project; $5 million dollars over the course of five years to renovate and construct 200 homes in Cleveland.

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities emerged to serve as a foundational partner in the initiative, acquiring homes in dire need of rehabilitation and working in tandem with Old Stone Church to help raise funds and to assemble community partners whose collective missions serve populations in need of housing. In early 2021, Session approved Old Stone Church to commence funding the project by committing $250,000 itself over five years to the rehabilitation of homes for this project. 

At this time, with more than a dozen partners assembled, Old Stone Church humbly unveils its bicentennial project, the 200 Homes initiative, to the community and asks that you kindly consider supporting our joint effort to make this dream a reality.

Old Stone Church calls upon the community to help make our dream of providing 200 homes to those in our community who need permanent housing a reality. We ask the community to donate to the Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities in support of 200 Homes. Every dollar raised will go towards making the dream of home ownership a reality for your fellow Clevelander.  

We have assembled some FAQs below to help the community understand the history and significance of this project:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the goal of the "200 Homes" initiative?

The main goal is to raise $5 million dollars to provide 200 rehabilitated homes to Clevelanders in need of permanent housing through our partnership with Cuyahoga  Land Bank Charities.

2. How can the community support this initiative?

Old Stone Church asks the community to support the initiative by donating to Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities. 

100% of every dollar raised goes towards the renovation of building 200 homes... and beyond for Clevelanders in need of permanent housing. 

3. Can I donate to Old Stone Church directly?

We are asking the entire community, both individuals, foundations, and businesses alike, to donate to our foundational partner, Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities, for numerous reasons: the first is that in order for a campaign of this scale to be a success, gifts from individuals, as well as foundations and businesses will be needed; the later two which may have strict rules about giving to faith-based institutions. 

Additionally, we ask that individuals give to Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities to separate their donations from traditional, annual Stewardship at Old Stone Church. 

4. What has Old Stone Church committed to the project?

In 2021, Session at Old Stone Church voted to commit $250,000 ($50,000 per year for five years) to support this project. 

5. When will rehabilitation efforts to these homes begin?

Rehabilitation efforts have already commenced, with dozens of homes completed. The project will continue on through 2026, with the ultimate goal of raising $5 million dollars to rehabilitate 200 homes.

6. How can I find out updates on this project?

Old Stone Church will provide updates on the 200 Homes project throughout the year, during the announcements time at worship service as well as in our weekly e-newsletter ConneXions, which you can sign up for by filling out the form here. 

7. What are the partner's roles in the "200 Homes" initiative?

The role of our partners in the 200 Homes initiative is to present the individuals and families in need of housing. Each organization serves specific populations of people with housing needs. These organizations' Missions' are diverse, and we invite those looking to support 200 Homes to read more about each in the Partners section below the FAQ's. 

8. How are individuals and families selected for homes?

Our producing partners in the 200 Homes initiative play a key role in identifying both individuals and families for housing. These organizations serve populations who are vulnerable and have close relationships with individuals in need, along with specific guidelines on how they address housing services. 

In short, it is the responsibility of each producing partner to identify and present these families to the Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities. 

9. How does my organization become a producing partner?

Non-profit and faith-based organizations needing housing, as part of their services to housing-insecure populations, can contact Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities to inquire about how to become eligible to receive homes. Non-profits and faith-based organizations must display the ability to manage a home renovation, have sufficient resources to renovate the home and serve an at-risk group as part of their ministry or mission.

For further information, contact Marcelina Śladewska at or 216-698-3022.

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200 Homes: Partner Spotlight

Learn more about several of our 200 Homes partners and how their organization's Mission directly ties into serving the community on this project.