Sunday Service

Our senior pastor Rev. Stephen C. Blonder Adams leads service every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

OSC’s History

Read more about our unique history as the oldest building on Public Square. 

Music At Old Stone Church

Meet our Director of Music, David Daugherty, and learn about how the music at Old Stone Church comes to life.


Keep up to date with the on going updates regarding the parking at Old Stone Church

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Serving City Socially, Spiritually, and Culturally
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A Distinguished Legacy
OSC occupies the oldest building on Public Square and has played a pivotal role in Cleveland’s ongoing evolution. Leaders and members of the church have helped establish many of the city’s great institutions, including Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, and other local initiatives in education, healthcare, social services, and commerce.


Faith, Hospitality, Excellence

Founded in 1820, Old Stone has served the city of Cleveland for 200 years from the heart of Public Square. As a historic church with a contemporary spirit, we welcome and host hundreds of worshippers, weddings, tours, and visitors each year from around the globe. As Cleveland has grown in size and importance, OSC has kept pace as a symbol of spiritual and civic leadership through events, mission projects, volunteerism, and more.

Janie C.

“This is a beautiful church filled with beautiful Christian people! We have been faithfully serving God and following the messages of Jesus Christ on Public Square for nearly 200 years! Please join us and see for yourself.”

Darren G.

“Old Stone Church has always and will always be welcoming to those who society has pushed aside. One of the best pastors and leadership I have ever experienced in my life. The church responds with grace and compassion and views ALL as worthy of God’s love. … I love my OS family. A great place to worship!”

Beth H.

“This church bears strong witness to God’s love and justice in the heart of Cleveland. Passionate, compassionate, loving and faithful to the Gospel.”

Debbie M.

“This is an amazing church that supports everyone in the community and beyond. I have never felt more at home than at this spiritual house. Everyone is welcome and everyone here is welcoming. Love abounds here as does the spirit of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”

Edward H.

“I’m normally a practicing lifelong Catholic, but as a community activist and urban planner, I commend Old Stone Church for its care for the Cleveland community and their proactive approach to urban issues. Old Stone is certainly a community-building church.”

Jason L.

“One of the finest churches in the world. The Pastor Dr. Mark Giuliano is one of the finest preachers and lives the word of God. Rev. Mark Eldred is a great young associate pastor. I have enjoyed being a part of this spiritual family for several years now. They have lived the Gospel!”

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