Nominating Committee Report for the Annual Meeting of the Old Stone Church

The Annual Meeting will begin immediately following worship on February 27, 2022.
The 2021 Congregational Nominating Committee included: Darlene Gosselin-Moore, Helen Wetzler, Melissa Maffia, Elie Medie, Mary Eifert, and Elders Dorothy Baunach and Beth Buchanan (co-chairs), and Interim Pastor Dr. Andrew McDonald.
The Nominating Committee met and developed a list of criteria that guided our selection. We felt the church needed experienced leaders who would show:
1.      Wisdom.
2.      Gifts for this ministry.
3.      Record of showing task follow-through.
4.      Attendance and commitment to Old Stone Church.
5.      Will be a colleague in ministry to elders and the pastor.
6.      Commitment to the Presbyterian Church USA and its form of government.
7.      No conflict of interest regarding the current legal issues.
8.      Trustworthiness and confidentiality regarding sensitive issues.
9.      Reflective of the diverse people and groups in the congregation.
We talked about the needs of the church at this particular time, and about the spiritual gifts of those members being considered.  We prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit. The committee was very pleased by the enthusiastic responses we received from those we asked.
The committee is pleased to announce it will place the following slate in nomination for the offices of Ruling Elders at the Congregational Meeting on February 27, 2022:
Session Class of 2024 (3-year term)
Janie Chambers   Janie has served as an active elder in multiple churches, including Old Stone. When she was at the Presbyterian Church in Lorain, she was Sunday School Superintendent.  She was a charter member of former and elder at Northminster Presbyterian. She lived in Hawaii and Virginia when her husband Bob served in the Army. She started sewing when she was 8 years old, taught sewing, and eventually opened her own fabric store. Recently, she served as Chair of the Interim Pastor Nominating Committee, as well as chairing the worship committee during the very successful organ renovation project.
Fred Heider   Fred has served in the past as a deacon and multiple times as an elder at Old Stone Church. He headed the Stewardship Committee five times in the past.  He finds the Mission and Urban Wellness work of serving meals to the needy particularly meaningful.  He has been a member of FPS and in the past served on the FPS Board of Directors. He worked in the area of management consulting at Ernst and Young as a partner for 25 years, and after that in another company in the area of corporate planning.
Len Lybarger   Len first served as a Presbyterian elder in Lakewood when he was young. Later he moved to Shaker Heights with his family to help support school integration. Len served on Session at Calvary Presbyterian.  He was elected to serve on Session at Old Stone and served on the music committee. He serves on the FPS investments committee. Len is an attorney and had a law office on Public Square for years near Old Stone Church. He met Pastor McCuaig at a sandwich shop nearby and ended up visiting and joining this church. Len sang in the choir for years.
*Update from the email this morning, Len is not a member of FPS but does serve on the FPS investments committee*
Bernard Medie   Bernard has served multiple terms on the Old Stone Church Session in the past. He also was ordained as a deacon and served in the caregiving ministries of the church. He has assisted the pastors in bringing home-communion to our shut-ins. He was instrumental in bringing an African American children’s choir to OSC. He has been a supporter of our food and clothing drives in the ministries of Mission and Urban Wellness.  Bernard is a strong witness and proponent of seeking to follow the lead of the Lord Jesus Christ in our church life together.
Bob Reid   Bob has served multiple terms as an Elder in the past.  Bob was instrumental in starting the Open Doors ministry, welcoming people in to see and tour the church. Bob has been active in fellowship groups at Old Stone, helping people develop friendships and feel connected. Bob enjoys coffee hour and ushering as ways of getting to talk with people. Formerly he served on the FPS Finance Committee as congregational representative.  Bob is a retired CPA and spent most of his career working for financial institutions, including as Senior Financial Officer.  Bob is a Master Gardener and enjoys giving seminars about growing things to the church and around town.
Session Class of 2022 (2-year term)
John Young   John joined the church in 1963. He has served multiple terms on the Session. John is a former president of First Presbyterian Society and has been a long-time advocate for people to make bequests to the church through their wills or estate plans. John served in the Army, and on Memorial Day and other important national events, you can see John in his uniform and hear him playing taps on the steps of Old Stone, at Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument and at other important memorial events around town.
Lee Rutti   Lee has served as an elder three times in the past, including once at Boulevard Presbyterian Church and twice at Old Stone.  She joined this church because she was impressed with its commitment to mission, and she has been working on mission projects ever since. She values the diversity of this congregation where, in spite of any differences, we are all equal in God’s sight. After being raised in a different Christian tradition, where she was told she “asked too many questions,” she found a spiritual mentor at Old Stone who told her, “Don’t ever stop being curious.” She has a passion for peacemaking.  She is an advocate for the Cleveland Green Corps and Interfaith Hospitality Network.
Deacons Class of 2024
Bernie Bischel   When Bosworth Presbyterian Church closed, Bernie found her way to Old Stone Church. She loved how friendly and caring everyone was, and how the church helps people. Bernie has been involved a great deal with the work of the deacons in the past. She enjoys helping people and being with people at coffee hour.  In the past, she has served on the Congregational Nominating Committee.  In her career, she worked at AT&T where she was involved in network planning, engineering, and planning for the future.  Today, she spends a lot of time enjoying her grandchildren.
John and Amy Wheeler   John and Amy joined Old Stone Church this past year, although they have been part of things here for a long time.  Formerly, they were members at University Circle United Methodist where they served as youth counselors for 25 years. They were also very active in serving meals for special events and other fellowship activities. Amy was a lay delegate to the annual Methodist Conference for many years. They have enjoyed working with Old Stone members for Winterfest and discovered they really enjoy the people here. They are both retired Cleveland school teachers where they taught for 30 years. They are looking forward to the next step on their spiritual journey by serving as deacons at Old Stone.
Nominating Committee Report for the Pastor Nominating Committee 
  1. Ian Atwood
  2. Willie Brown
  3. Elizabeth Harris
  4. Bob Heath
  5. Pete Maffia
  6. Elie Medie
  7. Mary Mikula
  8. Chi Chi Nkemere
  9. Bob Reid
Congregational Nominating Committee
  1. Peter Baron
  2. Mary Eifert
  3. Melissa Maffia
  4. Penni Rolen

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